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HC-801pro 4K trail camera

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    HC-801Pro  4K/30MP Trail camera main features

    1.   4K 30fps video,   30MP still image

    2.   max support 256GB micro SD card

    3.   APP (suntekcam) control, APP support iphone and Android 

    4.   live video in APP

    HC-801Pro is much easier to use than other 4G trail camera such as HC-801LTE, HC-900LTE, you don't need to install app version firmware, don't need to send us IMEI to add, don't need to fill in phone number in APP,  you just need to use APP to scan its QR code to add it to APP, then you can use it. 

    HC-801Pro only support APP mode, doesn't support MMS SMTP mode.

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